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12 Pictures Who’s Story Will Put A Smile On Your Face Instantly

14 October 2018

There is some good left in this world and these people are the living proof of it. Just when you think that this world is going to hell people like these appear to restore your faith in humanity once more.

Valentino served 26 years of his sentence before sending his drawings of golf holes he’d created in prison to the editors of Golf Digest, along with a note. The editors decided to look into his case, and, with the help of Georgetown University law students, Valentino’s case was reopened and the real killer was convicted.

New York Public Library lends work fashion accessories for things like interviews, weddings, or other formal events besides the books.

“The stranger who saved me from being kidnapped in my gym parking structure left this letter and an alarm for me at the front desk of the gym,” wrote Reddit user wannaseemygenius.

When a flight was delayed for an hour due to weather this airline served up hot food and water for the passengers left waiting instead of indifference.

This guy took the time to give a homeless man a proper shave, complete with a can of Barbasol, using a straight razor

After Hurricane Florence roared through the Carolinas, power was at a bare minimum, but Duracell sent out portable charging stations to help out.

Kevin Smith carries a disposable camera around just in case a fan wants a picture with him but doesn’t have a camera of their own.

When a guy who delivers for Uber Eats’ battery died in the parking lot of a Sonic, a pair of employees and a customer dropped everything to give him a jump.

Reddit user rockjame wanted to give a shout-out to this guy, Eric the sandwich man, who “has been feeding the hungry people on the NYC subways for the last 15 years.”

Morty, a rescue dog, jumped 30 feet out of a helicopter after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico when he smelled someone in need.

Soldier came to the rescue of his service dog, carrying him when temperatures soared to 117F (47C) so he wouldn’t burn his paws.

Uncle of the year award goes tooo

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12 Pictures Who’s Story Will Put A Smile On Your Face Instantly
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