12 Reasons Why You Should Consider Yourself A Chef In The Kitchen.

08 December 2018

I’ve made a fair share of meals during my short life, but I’ve never actually set the kitchen on fire. Perhaps I got close to setting a kitchen on fire, but I never did it.

It seems that the people on this list have tried their best to burn, incinerate or obliterate anything kitchen-related. They tried to master the art of cooking, but all they mastered for the failure to cook.

Cooking requires skill and patience, and these people certainly lacked both – or at least one of the two. Try not to judge them a lot, it’s not their fault (or is it?)

I’ve actually tried to make similar smiley faces – anything in order to satisfy a woman’s hunger

But I never sucked their souls out.

A hedgehog cake?

I bet this made the poor kid who got it cry his eyes out.

Cute chicks instead of your regular bread?

Or a monster chick with a ton of heads?

Taking induction panels to a whole new level

A hole in induction panels.

An actual alien egg meal

Or the way you look when you turn on the phone at night and brightness level is maxed.

Some people just suck at cooking

And this is one of those people.

This is either a portal to hell or homemade lava

I’m holding fingers it’s the first one.

Cooking teaches you not to expect a lot

Otherwise, you get disappointed. A lot.

I’m pretty sure this is NOT what a pizza is supposed to look like

And it was a meat-lovers pizza.

The final straw

It takes a lot of heat to make this. It takes a long time, as well.

The result of constant disappointment – and the face you make when you realize it

The idea is that the cooking should never get to this point.

Images source: postize.com

12 Reasons Why You Should Consider Yourself A Chef In The Kitchen.
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