12 Reasons You Should Never Trust Things Made In China.

26 November 2018

Are you a fan of things manufactured in China? I know I am. But I took the time to get to know the owner of the local hangar/store. Jin owns this ginormous hangar full of things shipped from China.

When I first started visiting his place I bought a few things and the quality was disastrous. Granted, they were cheap, but who doesn’t want to get the best bang for the buck, right?

So I took the things back and had a lengthy argument with Jin – and that’s how we became friends. Over time, he shared some of the secrets with me and I urged him not to get the CHEAPEST of the things all the time.

His sales went up, and I learned how to recognize if something is ‘original’ or a replica made in China and sold for a few cents – below are shown some of the most ridiculous examples of cheapness.

Sure, I’d love to wear one of these things around my neck

Who doesn’t love undetermined things made of miscellaneous things?

This is one of the largest sins one can do in their lifetime

I believe manufacturers do this so you would buy it and show it off.

Last time I ran a half-marathon, I came 607th out of 2000 runners

I should’ve just bought this 3st place medal.

I, too, was a huge fan of Lekars

Then I switched to Lakers.

I also loved my time traveling through Asia

I mean Africa. No, Asia…

I know, this is just awful…

On the other hand, who undresses these things? And why?

This cross-species hybrid is just terrible

Thank God they didn’t show what was in the head.

The newest members of Powe Rangers

DC’s own Bat-ranger and Spider-ranger.

I actually used a Casio and it didn’t have this bug

I later learned that there was a buggy batch (of about 10 million) – wow

Oh, this is one of those tablet cases

Now made with Colgate for a crisp white balance.

Again, why would you look inside

I mean, with everything that was in there were plenty of audible reasons.

Now you can have a manly manicure set

For only 99 cents.

Images source: ebaumsworld.com

12 Reasons You Should Never Trust Things Made In China.
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