12 Pics Showing How Humanity Is Slowly Transforming Our Planet.

06 December 2018

This planet that we live on gave us life and everything we need to live peacefully in conjunction with one another. Our beloved blue marble is a gem of the solar system and probably the galactic neighborhood.

Scientists point towards the destruction of natural environments, and climate change triggered by rising carbon dioxide levels that have kicked off extinction rates to levels eerily similar to mass extinction events on Earth hundreds of millions of years ago.

66 million years after the latest great extinction event on Earth, the cause may be different but experts are worried that the results will be the same.

Farms are swallowing rainforests in Brazil

Cancun is expanding into nature at a stunning pace

Dubai is constantly expanding via artificial islands

The global demand for oil led to numerous oil sands in Alberta, Canada

Believe it or not, Ukraine is recovering nicely after the Chernobyl disaster

Man-made fires rage across the globe

The dark area in the right photo is the inflicted area.

Taming of the Colorado River led to its almost complete destruction

Once massive, the Aral Sea is now almost gone

The Columbia Glacier in Alaska is receding faster than expected

Larsen B ice shelf in Antarctica disintegrated

Miraculously, the United States reduced the air pollution

The Ozone layer got extremely thin

But then it started to heal.

Images source: vox.com

12 Pics Showing How Humanity Is Slowly Transforming Our Planet.
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