12 Students Who Proved They’re Smarter Than Their Professors.

04 December 2018

For those who don’t really know, college time is (or at least should be) the best time of your life. It’s all about partying, long nights out, sleeping in and, of course, studying.

It should be more about studying, but most of the students want to have the time of their lives, not actually study. The majority of students who do lead those partying lives live in fraternity and sorority houses.

Others spend time trying to both study and enjoy their lives as students. They have to do whatever it takes to make ends meet, study, and party – and that’s exactly how we ended up with this list.

What do you mean you can’t iron your shirt?

Get me a couple of pots and I got this.

This was literally me back in college

But to be honest, I still can’t grow a full beard, so four razor blades weren’t a far fetch for me.

A friend of mine studied in Wyoming

He actually did this a few times.

Student hack – level of despair 1000

Not actually the cleanest way to eat, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Who really needs a microwave when you an iron and a hairdryer

But the main problem here is how would you heat the pizza if you didn’t have those two?

Talk about a budget meal plan

I must be the only person who never did this.

This is not an exclusive student hack, but most students do it

Why buy new socks, when you can ‘study’ at a party.

You might lose a few, but it’s totally worth it

All you need is a friend who plays tennis or racquetball.

As long as it signals just fine…

This is what living on a budget means.

That’s college life for you

You either adapt or you’re out.

All it takes is four hangers

And you can use for a ton of things, not just hanging your clothes.

This one is a bit dated, but it actually works

Well, maybe it’s not dated, we are talking about students who are usually broke.

I must admit, this is too much, even for me

But kudos for not cutting yourself while using it.

Image source: wroops.com

12 Students Who Proved They’re Smarter Than Their Professors.
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