12 Things People Actually Made Themselves

21 August 2018

There is me and then there are creative people. I just throw things away when I get tired of them, but these people make wonders out of ordinary stuff:

This DIY mini fridge is perfect

A spiderweb-inspired plant shelf

Pineapple lamp

Game Of Thrones phone holder. Powerful!

The homemade spa

Life-sized glowing Minecraft block.

This secret doors are something out of Hogwarts

This mirror is powered by Raspberry Pi, which is a super cool way to DIY some tech-powered projects.

I always failed at making these

There are tons of ways to DIY a pair of speakers, but I had no idea mason jars would be on that list!

Floor entirely made out of pennies.

Every grandparent owned one of these massive TVs.

Images source: lifestyle.diply.com


12 Things People Actually Made Themselves
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