12 Times Ads Took Things One Step Further.

29 October 2018

You might not notice it, but we’re all surrounded with ads and commercials. We’re exposed to them on a daily basis, but those are usually boring ads that waste your time.

The ones you’re about to see are definitely worth wasting your time on. You’ve might come across some of them, but if you haven’t feel free to waste someone else’s time with them.

That time Honda outdid themselves

Why mess around with toy cars you can have the real deal.

You’d think this is weird, but not really

Think about it.

Believe it or not, mail size was (and kinds still is) a thing

This was Yahoo’s attempt to tell people there are no size limitations anymore.

What better way to tell people that you’re constantly thinking about your work

Put an ad on the side of your car.

I used to hate shopping at IKEA, but I feel they seriously stepped up their game

They probably changed management, like Interesting Things.

When you have an established brand, you get to play with it any way you want.

Now go and have a KitKat.

This is brilliant.

Wish we had someone this brilliant on our team.

Messing around with 3D ads can look spectacular.

If you know what you’re doing, cause I’ve seen some disasters – but that’s another article.

Yes, you don’t need that much D vitamin.

So take a break.

I haven’t tried Bounty before, but I believe I will after seeing this.

I guess that’s what ads are for.

When you’re good at organizing you can even do it with wild birds.

Well, it’s not like they haven’t been providing us with incredible 3D magic.

That’s brilliant IMAX, I tell ya.

Images source: brightside.me

12 Times Ads Took Things One Step Further.
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