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12 Times People Just Couldn’t Catch A Break

21 August 2018

People tend to get very furious when things start going downhill, and that makes total sense. The important thing is to try to control emotions and try to bring a rational solution to the situation, right? Right.

This is the moment where you should have realized the situation

This is worse than being not even close

I’m also somebody who does this when I’m in a really tight spot, so I had to check my memory banks to make sure this wasn’t me.

She seems that she made peace with what happened

Why would you do that?

Someone seem to have left a wrench on the road

I’m guessing that this bizarre chore wasn’t his idea.

That pole is really bike friendly

This kid has some deep things in his mind, and he is right!

When something like this pours in the sink, it’s time to move

I don’t get why someone would leave, say, a couch on a set of train tracks, but I get the “how” there.

This cow just wanted to have fun…

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12 Times People Just Couldn’t Catch A Break
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