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12 Totally Honest Things You Just Need To Accept.

12 October 2018

Some things you just can’t argue with. They are what they are, so you better accept them. This is a list of things that are so true you can’t deny them.

If you’ve never been in the presence of flawlessness, then you probably never played Mortal Kombat – but that’s story to itself.

Hope you’re ready to deal with and accept the things you’re about to see. If you have a quarry to settle regarding them, please do so in the comment section.

This is so true

If you haven’t experienced it, share your incredible story with us. Teach people how not to suck.

Am I the only Android fan here?

I just feel claustrophobic with an iPhone. Nothing to play around with, no dev mode… And yes, this did happen to me.

I’ve been to a few of these as a kid

We all had a good time. Especially the parents.

We’ve actually seen a version of this

We took a picture with it, played around with it…

This darn thing still echoes in my head

I’m still angry at that kid.

This happens at least 3 times a week

Pretty sure someone already has me under ‘Excuse’ on their phone.

That’s the face, that is the face!

Not sure why people love the outdoors. I’m all about the sterile environment.

The other four days of my week

Now I’m sure they call me Excuse.

There’s American…

Then there’s Big Gulp American. I see where they’re going with this.

Similar to when you wake up an hour before your alarm and get to sleep more

This is a special feeling during Winter.

LOL, this is flawlessly accurate

Trust me, I was born right when Rambo was a cool dude and Stalone young.

The truth is out there

Share the truth with everyone.

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12 Totally Honest Things You Just Need To Accept.
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