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12 Weird People Doing What They Do Best

28 August 2018

I just listened to a podcast during which a guy literally told me that I’m a sheep. He just told me that you are a sheep. He said that people divide into two groups: the sheep and the shepherds.

98 percent of people are considered sheep, mostly because they’re doing what everyone else is. We all abide by rules that we’re told to abide by. That’s why we’re the sheep.

People on this list are both sheep and shepherds. Why? Well, they aren’t wealthy enough to be shepherds, but they are willing to live their life by their own rules.

McDonald’s has always been for everyone. And these people know it.

This is what they teach you in US schools – always respect people’s 10 inches of private space.

This here is a shepherd without the means to lead. I suppose he’s a sheep with ambition.

He’s living life by his own rules.

When you know you’re weird, but you’re still trying to fit in.

As long as you’re not messing with others, live your life as you see fit.

Not to be taken literally.

When you’re weird AND older than others so you get to order them to be weird with you so you wouldn’t feel alone.

This way no one can interfere with your weirdness.

She wanted to be different. She wanted to be weird.

They said no. She didn’t listen.

You can’t do it, they said.

He decided to prove them wrong. He decided to show the weird.

There are two ways to be weird – with someone, or alone.

This is what alone looks like.

The first step to becoming a shepherd – step out of the line.

You might break the law while doing it, but at least you are no longer a part of the line.

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12 Weird People Doing What They Do Best
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