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13 Reasons Why Drinking Is Usually Always A Bad Call.

07 November 2018

People do the most interesting things when they go out and drink. These miraculous things usually happen because some people don’t deal well with happens after a few drinks.

Luckily for us, as long as there are mobile cameras, we’ll be able to make a countless number of articles regarding this topic. So just sit back and relax, you’re in for a treat.

Oh, and you have any ‘examples’ of your own night out, share them with others – let’s all have a good laugh.

If you see this after a night out, you really ought to get your life together

This guy’s girlfriend came in late after a ‘girls night out’, so the cat decided to join.

He actually fell down and kept sleeping.

They left him there for a while. Of course, this happened in Walmart.

This girl’s boyfriend was so out of it that he almost lost his life trying to plug in the charger.

This is just one of those moments you’ll never, ever forget.

Allegedly, the guy on the right stopped drinking the following day.

I wouldn’t necessarily call this a bad choice.

Just don’t drink and drive. You can shop instead.

This actually happened to me.

A few times, to be honest. Not my proudest moments.

When you start putting your shoes in the fridge, NEXT to Coke Zero…

You need to reevaluate things.

When you see an opportunity, use it.

You often end up with unique masterpieces.

There are so many questions I’d like to ask these two…

This woman was actually all across the news.

“What happened after her FIRST drink in decades.

Here’s what happens when you drink AND you have a 3D printer.

This lady dropped her phone in the subway…

So she took her flip-flop she off and wore the phone. She answered a call as well… poor thing.

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13 Reasons Why Drinking Is Usually Always A Bad Call.
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