14 Best And Worst Memories From School.

15 February 2019

There are some great teachers out there. They love to teach, they know HOW to teach and they have an incredible relationship with their students. Then you have the other type. They make your education miserable and uninteresting.

That goes for your personal life as well. How can you function properly if you already spent 6 hours having your life sucked out of you by your already miserable teacher? But it’s all part of the experience. Or so I hear.

Gracious how all the bad memories return flooding with this teacher’s move.

Some things just can’t be explained

It’s always so nice when math teacher tries to be cool and funny, except when it’s not.

New level of supply vending machines, who needs food.

This school attached WOODEN BARS to calculators to prevent theft.

Is this really necessary?

Imagine you ask your teacher for a pen and he gives you a 3-foot long feather!

Now this is some savage teacher right there!

When does the torture end?

It never stops.

When teacher actually has a sense of humor and knows how to interact with students.

That is one of those things you should expect as a student.

The whole world would join you.

But they are lazy even for that.

What are you gonna do?


This teacher is never in his office so he got an idea.

He placed his picture on window frame and viola.

This meme has found it’s PERFECT position!

Images source: lifestyle.diply.com

14 Best And Worst Memories From School.
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