14 People Who Just Wanted To Get Fired.

06 November 2018

Some people are just good at the things they do. Some of them are rather exquisite. Now, the things people below do may vary, but they all have one thing in common – they are really terrible at their jobs.

Not all of us are perfect, and most of us like to procrastinate, but these people really take things up a notch. It’s like they really, really want to get fired.

I’m pretty sure the majority of them did get fired this went online.

No one was there to take the order…

So they wanted them to ketch-up on their work.

Not one single dry spot, I you may

Her job commitment is uncanny

Meaning, no one can do it they way she does ot.

The amount of work it took them to make this is wortless

An excellent nap place for employees

Does anyone know what the name of this fruit is?

That’s just a weird job.

Sure, why fix it when I can use my pants to wipe hands

This is just confusing

Someone needs to loose their job, like ASAP!

Technically speaking, they are right

It’s mac and cheese.

Are you absolutely, positively sure?

That’s what I call an employee midlife crisis

I dub this burger: the job taker

Or job loser. You know where I’m going with this.

Images source: voice.meaww.com

14 People Who Just Wanted To Get Fired.
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