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14 People Who Are So Living In 2118.

13 October 2018

Humanity is always trying to get ahead of time. Whether it’s science or religion, people are constantly attempting to come up with the next big futuristic thing. Now, according to science, there will be no disease in the world, and according to religion, several obliterations await in 2018.

That being said, people on this list decided to focus on the little things. The things that they do on a daily basis, just better, and improved. Only a couple of people manage to invent more than one thing during their life, but these people have mastered their skills.

They achieved greatness, transcended time and space, and moved on to 3018. You might find them ridiculous, but all I have to say is: “Why didn’t you come up with it first?”

This man traveled back through time to teach us a lesson

Lesson learned, master.

They just introduced police horses in my city, but this guy…

This guy living in 3018.

Using a leaf blower to move on a longboard?

You kid, are the master of your skill.

Brilliance, sheer, brilliance!

Only a future version of yourself could’ve thought of this.

I always said the East will get to the future first

This kid just doesn’t know it yet.

Pure genius!

Don’t care what you think, there were close to 9K people talking about it. The man is a genius.

I’ve only seen this in movies about future

Who wouldn’t want to have a tactical suit for their dog?

Told you! Religion is all about the future.

This guy is smart. He’s trying to stay ahead of the religion.

Next time you see a camera guy, give him a slap of reality

His job position is about to go extinct.

Now, you might think this is a baseball game in 2018

But this guy came from 3018 to teach us a thing or two.

The future is all about kids

You have seen Ender’s Game, right?

This is how you do it in the future?

Brilliant! Not good to know that obesity is still a thing, but hey – my hand ain’t fried so…

What do you mean you went out to meet a friend?

Phil already did it in Modern Family. He was already in 3018. Mindblown!

I didn’t know I was living in 3010 as a kid

Wish I used the right way, instead of making my little brother wear a piece of cardboard on his head.

And let’s be honest – no one is really thinking these people came from the future. They’re just regular people making their lives easier by thinking ahead.

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14 People Who Are So Living In 2118.
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