14 Pics To Sum Up Your Week.

02 December 2018

Yes, the Internet is an amazing place. I’ve said it before and I will keep repeating it. It’s an incredible place of opportunity, but it’s also a ginormous pic dump.

You can literally find whatever you want. Well, maybe not a unicorn riding a donkey that’s eating a pickle, but it’ll be out there very soon.

There’s actually an image of a unicorn next to a pickle, so I guess that’s close enough – but you get my point. These images are one of the things that make the Internet great.

There are far better examples of Internet greatness, but pics dumps are meant to make your day great again. They might weird you out, but you’ll definitely feel better.

See? You’ve already seen something you don’t see every day

Genuine American redneck ingenuity.

Jeff Bezos and the robot dog?

What did you do today?

Nerf much?

No, you don’t.

How much greater can life be?

You get a stamp, and people to like you from behind.

It’s a huge place for dumping pics

This is one of the dumped ones.

Whose what?

Wait, where?

How amazing is your life?

On the scale of 1 to Keanu Reeves riding a horse on the set?

1950s were sooo year 2000

Why aren’t we this innovative anymore?

How about this for interior design?

Yeah, you can sit next to the Porsche.

A huge pic dump?

Like, huuuge.

Who does your heart belong to?

Yeah, me too.

You literally can hear her go…


Some things are not meant to be shown

This is a fine example of that. But kudos on beating yourself.

Embrace your homie.

Let him know he’s your homie.

Images source: boredlad.co.uk

14 Pics To Sum Up Your Week.
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