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14 Scandalous Female Celebrities Photos Before And After Photoshop

24 August 2017

Every time someone writes about celebrities and Photoshop, it’s the same dialogue. These images are distorting our perception of what is attainable and beautiful, and it’s disturbing. Yet, year after year, we’re still subjected to the same messages in the media and nothing is being done about it. There’s nothing wrong with fine lines and wrinkles, it’s just shocking because it’s something we never see in magazines. It’s about time we embrace who we really are. We are giving you a list of 14 famous people in a natural edition that will surprise you!

1. Gwen Stefani

This 46-year-old star felt uncomfortable after leaking her raw pictures. This is a really drastic change!

2. Kim Catrall

This star was taken off for at least 20 years with little work. Still, Kim looks unbelievably good for her age, even without any updated photos.

3. Kourtney Kardashian

Kortney Kardashian showed great courage when she released her raw photo from the shooting for “OK!” newspapers. Both photos look beautiful, as always! However, it is noticeable that on the cover page she was less skinny.

4. Beyonce

In 2013, the editors of the website “Queen B” published photographs of the singer when she poses for L’Oréal Paris. Though they only tried to prove that the singer was beautiful and without makeup, due to public pressure, they had to remove the photos.

5. Lady Gaga

In 2014, people were completely crazy about Lady Gaga when they saw her unprocessed photos when she was posing for a spring collection of the “Versace” brand. Although the processed photos are very little different from the original ones, we must admit that Gaga never looked better!

6. Tyra Banks

Supermodels also have image processing, even when they look perfect. This photo of Tyra Banks is evidence that even the most beautiful photographs are sometimes processed. They made her skin considerably cleaner, and her eye color was lighter.

7. Eva Mendez

One of the most exotic Hollywood beauties, Eva Mendez, posed for the Russian “Cosmopolitan”. However, the photos were different from her natural look. Not only dentition was removed under her eyes, but her skin also got a rosy tone.

8. Madonna

In 2010, photos of the magazine “Interview” leaked. Although we all want to think that Madonna can not get old, it turns out that it is not so true. She is still an pop music icon.

9. Angelina Jolie

Although there was no big deal done here, the editors brightened the skin of this lady, and also removed the mole from her left cheek. Considering that this is one of the most beautiful women in the world, it’s strange that her photography is processed at all.

10. Megan Fox

Obviously, a large number of tattoos is not something that editors want from a girl on the cover, although when it’s about a beautiful girl like Megan Fox. Although her tattoo is removed, she is still beautiful!

11. Brittany Murphy

Considering the fact that Brittany can no longer share her photos with us, all we can do is watch her old photos. Despite Photoshop, Murphy looked beautiful! She will stay forever in our hearts.

12. Kristen Stewart

The fantasy world has been demolished when the raw Twilight movie star Kristen Stewart photo has leaked. Considering that there is no big difference between these two photographs, processing was not necessary.

13. Cara Delevingne

This model has been getting our hearts for some time now. Although we know that most of the photos of the model are processed, this photo really did not need any photoshop work.

14. Faith Hill

“Jezbel” published photos of this country singer in 2007, when she posed for the Redbook magazine. Editors stashed her hands and made her hair brighter. She is beautiful anyway!

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14 Scandalous Female Celebrities Photos Before And After Photoshop
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