14 Things That You Wouldn’t Believe Happened, If There Was No Proof.

27 September 2018

While some people are funny by nature, others are just trying so hard to be funny that it usually ends up being awkward for everyone.

People on this list belong to the first group – the funny group. Their experiences will bring out some tears, so be prepared to laugh.

When it comes to orders, this is quite possible the most unique order ever

The man is just being honest.

A child behaing like this?

Definitely not a good sign.

Pretty much the best Cheetos description out there

This thing almost got me, but it’s only a mask

Look at his face – it’s priceless

He doesn’t really know how to react, doesn’t he?

Doesn’t this look like the most entertaining thing to do?

Some people get new shoes…

And then there’s me.

This little guy is either a spy or he’s super talented when it comes to camouflage

There are people who ought to burn in hell.

Not a nice thing to say, but hey… there are.

Our favorite web browser is no snitch, you know…

I always liked Dominos.

Now you know why.

There has to be a line in life.

It’s up to you to draw it. This woman hasn’t.

His brother is fighting for his life while choking on some fries, but the photoshoot can’t stop.

That, right there, is a sibling relationship for you.

Nothing cool about this order.

These look so thin they wouldn’t last a minute among the zombies.

Images source: lifestyle.diply.com

14 Things That You Wouldn’t Believe Happened, If There Was No Proof.
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