14 Times People ‘Made Progress’ In Life.

07 November 2018

It’s normal for people to change, to evolve. That’s just the way life is. The Internet, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to be changing a lot. It looks like people are just trying to reinvent hot water – is that the saying?

Well, whatever the saying may be, every once in a while there’s a rerun of before and after photos of pretty much everything imaginable. So here’s a daily dose of what happened to things.

This is an excellent example

This is Mike Dirnt (from Greenday) after he switched to politics

See what progress in life means

The moved out of the house and become successful actors.

This is how you can drop 90 pounds in just a few seconds


This is rather interesting progress

It spans across several centuries.

That time Sid from ‘Toy Story’ went to college.

Figured out he could be more than just a bully.\

You know, there’s this German chancellor…

This is her progress in the last 13 years. There’s something wrong here.

When 11 turned 12

She left the 8-mile road and moved to the OTHER side of the 8-mile road.

Now this is the classic of all changes

I love it.

After 50 years of progress

She turned into a man she always wanted to be.

The progress of quitting your job

Actually, the downgrade of quitting a job.

This is like a 10-years progress.

Amazing what happens when you’re not using.

Three months after you leave your favorite company

And figure out how much people were dragging you down into the pit of life.



Believe it or not, this was just a few hours of makeup.

Not much of a progress, I know. These things are boring.

Images source: 24hviralphotos.com

14 Times People ‘Made Progress’ In Life.
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