14 Weird Pics Lurking Up And Down Your Feed

10 August 2018

Every day, we come across thousands of photos and browse right through them. We do that because we’re used to being exposed to an insane amount of information, yet we’re not willing to address it all.

That’s why a whole ton of actually interesting content goes by unnoticed. Most of that content is quite useless, but if you’re going to look at useless things, you might as well do it in one place.

We’re being asked disappointing questions on a daily basis

But most of us don’t notice it.

The importance of Robin

And we all know that Robin Scherbatsky was an important part of our lives.

Wait, they had solitaries back then?

This is what I meant by useless

But where else would you see this? Where?

The most subtle wingplay of all time

Didn’t know wing-teachers were a thing.

West Virginiaaaaaaaaa…

Love it!

If you know of a more detailed warning, please share it with us

We’ve all been here – I know I have

Do you have any photos of your ‘all-nighters’?

This literally happened to me last night

I bet he yelled loser all. night. long.

When rock, paper, scissors comes to aid

An amazing story.

No words.

I’m in love.

Wait, is he right?

I don’t remember ever seeing it in my dreams.

I’m pretty sure I would do the exact same thing

I admire his dedication.

When the entire universe is against you

You doomed.

Images source: boredlad.co.uk

14 Weird Pics Lurking Up And Down Your Feed
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