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15 Time Art Took Over The Planet.

02 December 2018

Any avid coffee drinker knows that living a life with a coffee mug on your table bring certain dangers to the crotch. More often than not, those dangers are steaming hot and tend to hurt like a m… well, a lot.

However, sometimes the coffee doesn’t end up in your lap, but on the table instead. At that moment, you realize that you’re an actual artist, but you just didn’t know it.

Your coffee landed in the perfect possible layout and created the map of Middle Earth. Right now, you are the first artist who painted Middle Earth with coffee.

That’s exactly what happened with the people below. Their accidental pieces of art will both shock you and leave you speechless.

The sudden crack

Having a crack in the windshield mean that you have to spend a couple of hundred bucks replacing it. But it also means that you mastered the art of driving behind a truck and have a crack to verify it.

The water landscape

See, it’s not only coffee. Even water can create a city landscape with pinnacles and temples.

Plaid Scotland

If you can remember Scotland for anything, it’s their plaid approach to pretty much everything. Even the shadows like plaid.

It took me a while to figure this one out. I thought those were tiles.

Bumpy things

When was the last time you bumped into a wall with a chair? Did you make an awesome windy city? No? Well, try it again – just don’t ruin your wall.

Nature, the creator

Who doesn’t love to look at snowy landscapes? This is Mother Nature’s take on a fence landscape.

The mossy ravine

This mossy landscape is part of an old bike seat. It looks like a miniature world of its own.

The amazing morning frost

If this isn’t accidental art, I don’t know what is!

Broken mirror

The same could apply to the amazing sunset in this broken mirror.

The coffee art

All it takes is some milk and you have Snoopy on his doghouse under the Moon.

See it yet?

The volcanic lid

This is I call exploding art. Incredible!

Check out the swirls on this old log

It looks like it’s been through a lifetime of pain and suffering.

Mother Nature at it again

The snow settled only on the brick outline.

That’s one awesome wooden skyline

The last time I chopped wood everything looked like a poor attempt of art. Need to improve my chopping skills.

This is how you get finger brains

All you need to do is fall asleep in a bath.

Dirt on your car?

Don’t worry, just call it art from now on.

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15 Time Art Took Over The Planet.
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