14 Pics That Show The True Power Of Winter.

27 September 2018

Believe it or not, Winter is right around the corner. As far as the Northern Hemisphere is concerned, this is one of the chilliest Septembers in years. It’s not that it’s too cold, but the dips in temperatures are causing havoc across the globe.

If we were to go by the previous decades of forecasts, this type of weather is usually an indication that the Winter will be dry and cold with a few havoc-wreaking blizzards. Luckily for me, I plan to spend this Winter down under, but here’s what the rest of you will witness.

This might look like the set of a movie, but it really isn’t.

These are partial snow clouds combined with the super-cold weather.

Super cold weather usually freezes things and you need to be careful.

Otherwise, this will happen to you, too.

Also, stay away from frozen surfaces.

But the view is stunning, isn’t it?

This has happened to me a few times during my life.

The coffee doesn’t stay hot for long.

If your doggo likes winter, join in.

Travel and enjoy.

Having floods during winter can be crippling.

Just ask the guy holding onto his ceiling.

But there are good sides of cold and dry winters.

Free skating parks. Just make sure the water isn’t too deep.

Venice has only seen a few freezing winters.

But it also went dry last October, so the prognosis for this Winter isn’t looking good.

Never walk out in the freezing cold and run.

You’ll return frozen.

And never, and I really mean never, leave soda in the freezing cold.

Unless you own your own car cleaning services.

But you might enjoy a new set of freezing eyelashes.

If that’s your style.

You’ll definitely have to make your way out of the house through a ton of snow.

Unless you have a plow…

In that case, you get to help other people and earn some good Karma.

And yes, there will always be these people.

But they’re true fans – I just hope the players appreciate them. Don’t be like true fans. You won’t live long enough to talk about the harsh Winter you survived.

Images source: lifestyle.diply.com

14 Pics That Show The True Power Of Winter.
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