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15 Ridiculous Lies Girls Told Their Boyfriend Without Getting Caught

29 June 2017

Does girls tell lies to their boyfriend? I’m sure they do. Relationships nowadays are based on lies which are why girls tell lies. Here are a couple of lies girls tell their boyfriends without getting caught. First of all, because some boyfriends are dumb. Secondly, girls know the tricks to get out of such lies situations. Check these confessions whether you also believe to these girls or not. And boys take notes because they’re going to help you quite a lot in your relationship.

When Natalie’s boyfriend asked if she had gotten her period, she lied to him by saying yes as she didn’t want him to worry. Luckily, after 2 weeks she find out that she was not pregnant. What a relief for Natalie

Victoria was dating a guy for three weeks and then he told that he love her. When  Victoria moved back to college, she was constantly lying about what she was doing, but one night she was planning on going out when he told her that he was going to visit her. Again, she lied and said she was really sick and he shouldn’t come. Instead, she went out and hooked up with a new guy. At the end, she broke up with him the next day via voicemail.

When Olivia was in high school, she borrowed her boyfriend’s car and totaled it. She told him that someone hit her and drove off. And he believed her.

Crystal convinced her ex-boyfriend that she had a cancer. She told him that she had to move to Canada for treatment and to be more convincing she even showed him fake plane tickets.

Jenny lied that p***s of her boyfriend was most satisfying among her previous partners.

Shaina faked a scenario where she convinced her boyfriend and also her friends that her boyfriend was cheating on her. She blew it up in his face and used it against him as the reason the relationship had to end. Actually, he never really cheated on her, all she wanted is to end the relationship.

Carrie told her boyfriend that she is born with the webbed toes and separated with the help of surgery.

When Sarah came to know that her boyfriend was cheating on her, she put grass killer on the front of her boyfriend’s lawn. And when he asked her if she killed the grass, she lied. He still cannot grow the grass due to chemicals.

Tracy had a trip planned with her boyfriend , and they had plane tickets purchased under her credit card and he also owed her $300. Later, they broke up as she found that he was cheating on her. When she asked him to pay her money back of his plane tickets, he refused. So, she just called his mom and said she had a lawyer and if he didn’t pay her back the $700 he owed her, she would let the lawyer take care of getting it from him. Of course, he paid up real quick.

The most regular lie Alex tell his boyfriend is, “I’ve been waiting for you and you didn’t even text me you were running late,” just to make a boyfriend feel bad. But really she just got to whatever place herself. She will always lie. She’s used car trouble, allergic reaction, “didn’t see his text,” blamed her boss, and blamed work in general.

During sex, Michelle moaned the name of Nick.., but that wasn’t her boyfriend’s name. Later when he asked her about it, she panicked and said that she was thinking of Nicolas Cage and he actually believed her.

Nancy traveled overseas and met a boy, and they ended up island-hopping for a long weekend, amongst other things. When her boyfriend emailed her later that week asking how her trip was going and what was she doing, she lied: “Oh fine. Just eating food and hanging with my host family.”

Rachel cheated on a boyfriend in a vacation when she saw there is no future with him. When he asked her about that, she told him she didn’t cheat.

Ashley broke up with her ex via text on a train ride to Chicago. She told him, she just needed time to be single. Her ex did not know the real reason for their break up was because she just found out her Chicago crush was recently single and they hooked up later that night.

This guy asked Kara to spend the night with him so she lied and said she just found out her best friend was in the hospital and had to go because she actually didn’t wanted to sleep with him. He was a nice guy, just with bad breath.

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15 Ridiculous Lies Girls Told Their Boyfriend Without Getting Caught
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