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16 Of The Biggest Titanic Movie Mistakes

08 June 2017

Today, it still stands as one of Jame Cameron’s best films and arguably one of the most successful films ever made. But, Titanic supposedly was a huge production headache and its budget doubled from $100 million to over $200 million and this may have led to Titanic movie mistakes during shoots.

1. This lake is a man-made reservoir and wasn’t created until 1917, and Titanic sink in April 1912.

2.  There is a blood on his hand before fist of Rose reaches his face

3. Where is all this glass coming from?

4. He probably felt they were cramping his style.

5. Foam is safer anyways.

6. I hope that was a rubber axe!

7. These photos of same part of the ship show the design changed somehow in the middle of a movie

8. The crystals keep disappearing and then reappearing depending on the angle of the camera shot.

9. City lights are visible during the night in the distance. Would be ideal, but that’s also a movie mistake

10. Wrong color AND length? They didn’t even try on this one.

11. Blame it on the CGI people.

12. I doubt he would have time to put it on while falling.

13. Gravity wins on this one.

14. This wouldn’t be a mistake if she had two.

15. Where’s my glasses.

16. How many Titanic replicas did they build?

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16 Of The Biggest Titanic Movie Mistakes
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