16 “How I Got Dumped” Tweets Will Show You Why Is It Good Being Single

12 March 2018

It’s sufficiently hard getting dumped, not to mention offering your humiliating story to whatever is left of the world. Yet, leave it to Jimmy Fallon to influence sharing one of your most humiliating stories to appear to be engaging.

The Tonight Show host have urged fans to share their most exceedingly terrible relationship stories under the hashtag ‘How I Got Dumped’ on Twitter.

1. There’s nothing more terrible than asking your Valentine what your plans are and discovering do they have different plans as well as that you two aren’t notwithstanding dating!

2. Mom always wishes the best for you, remember that!

3. Well, that is really sad

4. Definition of being an ahole

5. Some people will just burn in hell

6. Dad is the boss here

7. The girl is savage!

8. He wasn’t prepared for that decision until he came home.

9. He couldn’t have picked more disastrous time than that.

10. When you find out your boyfriend is a Twilight fan and is completely dedicated to becoming the next Edward Cullen…

11. Maybe she just wanted him out, maybe he was the referent object

12. Again, another case of referent object

13. She ruined the game for him forever.

14. At least he learned something.

15. WOW. This is how to be a real jerk!

16. She just seek for the reason, don’t be hard on yourself man.

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16 “How I Got Dumped” Tweets Will Show You Why Is It Good Being Single
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