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16 Hilarious Photos When You Need A Pick-Me-Up

31 July 2017

Whether it’s Monday or Friday, no matter, I just know you’re always ready for the weekend to arrive. We dream about Saturdays the same way Michael Jordan dreamed about NBA. Enjoy these funny photos which will give you a chuckle!

1. Seriously, I want to to become a teacher just because I can do this.

2. What happens when your mom uses voice-to-text while driving…

3. Three easy steps for how to lose your kids’ trust.

But, as a parent, I’m always going to laugh at this type of joke. I am not sure kids would laugh too…

4. Ah, yes, the hipster’s bane.

They don’t know how to wait for a plot twist, but they’re so determined to be the first one with the hip reference…

5. Hmm. Do we really need a caption for this?

Blah, blah, blah, overcompensating for something, blah, blah, blah.

6. If you want to make a super unimpressed wife buyi this shirt for date night .

When “annoying my wife” becomes a hobby/skill.

7. They created this sign just for a pun.

They had to design the sign, have it made, installed, and all that for the pun. My heart is now full.

8. There is no better way to sell your used junk than by advertising it with a used up meme?

At the end of the day, I really hope they made a nice profit.

9. “Started dating someone seriously for the first time since high school, so it begins…”

And this is the least of his concerns. What an amateur.

10. My everyday life

Actually, I’m facing this very crisis and i am legit working from home right now.

11. …But…but how? How could she do this?

For the love of Pete, Grandma. How did you get in this pickle?I am really curious to find out how this happened, but I have no answers, just like you.

12. Let’s just get down to brass tacks.

The most minimal of efforts.

Now I can imagine this person’s tired, worn face, like he is constantly living under overhead lighting.

13. ONE guess who just saw Mad Max: Fury Road.

After this photo was taken, first destination – HOSPITAL! Hope he’s still alive.

14. How heavy is your cat, bro?!

Well, she seems a bit more than just big-boned.

Or maybe she jump out of a fourth-story balcony on to this overly muscular hero thigh?

15. Seriously, hasn’t Rocky Road had a hard enough life already?

I can bet you stared at that ice cream for a little bit, didn’t you?

16. Confusing…

LAST UPDATE: Police say the perps have reportedly pitched a tent in the woods and have been hiding out there.

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16 Hilarious Photos When You Need A Pick-Me-Up
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