17 Horrifically Bad Handymans That Will Soon Get Fired

12 February 2018

If, like most of us, you have certainly given someone a project that they did not need. However, now that everything is said and done, it remains to be scratched on your head. Fortunately, you are not the only one who hired a friend of your friend to finish them a job in order to save a few euros. Take a look at these photos and we are sure that you will be tired of laughing.

1. Whoever decided this, it made sense to him

Maybe he tried to lift the tram to a higher level, or transfer it to another track?

2. Who says that the soap dispenser can not stand on the ceiling?

We must also think of the high members of our society.

3. It is easier to seek forgiveness than permission

It is important to finish the job, and later we will think what the owners of the house will say.

4. We suspect that the expert has set this door

Maybe we do not know anything about the door, but we know what the handle is doing.

5. Decoration and speaker in one?

The best way to amplify the sound in the open area is to turn the speakers upside down, and use the stand as a decoration – said no one ever.

6. Floor master?

“I really like recipes of knives and I hate symmetry. Can you do that with my parquet?
“You have no further explanation.”

7. Maybe it’s a better signal?

It looks like it was in the mind of a person who set up a router for Wi-Fi on the ceiling.

8. The person who mounted this bravo obviously has no problem with privacy

What’s the worst that can happen to you? Should somebody get into the toilet while you play Angry Birds with your pants down?

9. Fish file plus cheese

You have not tasted anything more tasty.

10. This looks like a perfect place for the door

And the chair can replace the stairs.

11. Okay, people can see your butt, but they will not know who they belong to

It seemed to be the slogan of the person who set this door.

12. Everyone sees what he wants

Perhaps somebody sees upside down tilted tiles, but the person who puts them sees it underneath that does not slip.

13. Does not know his job or is a big fan of Monty Python?

We’ll never find out.

14. Has the ball crossed the line?

We would not be in the judge’s seat.

15. Another billboard that imparts unrealistic standards to women

What’s next?

16. The fence at the middle of the stairs?

If you go stairs with someone you do not like, just tell him to go to the left.

17. What is behind the door?

This happens when you hire a carpenter who has studied the craft on the Internet.

Images source: fokuzz.com

17 Horrifically Bad Handymans That Will Soon Get Fired
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