These 18 People With Genius Ideas Are Living in 3018

15 May 2018

“Living in 3017” was a phrase first used in May 2017 by the Twitter user, @MyFavTrash. We’ve put this phrase to good use in the compilation below. The tweet gained over 18,000 retweets and 41,000 likes

Here is the list of the newest people form 3018 who are thousand years ahead of us!

1) Genius!

2) This kid is going places

3) Little guy has a point here!

4) Engineer stay-at-home dad is a bad idea? I don’t think so.

5) It must have already crossed your mind!

6) YouTube has many uses, but this is new to me

7) Here is how to deal with hot food

8) “Guy took pictures of the Yankees vs Mariners all night like this.”

9) Knowing doctors is always benefitial

10) Scuba instructor level = master

11) “Just get on my level!”

12) Head light?

13) “Got blackout drunk and woke up to this.”

14) This is how they trim hair in 3018

15) That badass look on his face

16) Toaster’s broken so…

17) Why aren’t we all using this!

18) When you forget to take a shower

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These 18 People With Genius Ideas Are Living in 3018
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