5 Celebrities Who Are Complete Jerks

28 August 2018

Everyone thinks that celebrities are just normal people like us, just that they are popular, and they should behave like they are normal, right? Well, there are celebrities like that, and then there are celebrities who have put themselves on a pedestal.

Justin Bieber

“He would brutally make fun of people, disrespect adults for no reason and one of my best friends told me that at a hockey game he pissed in some people’s cups for no reason.”

“He was always mean to people and extremely self-centered,” continued the Reddit user.

“I saw him once savagely make fun of a nice younger girl because her teeth were crooked, it was pretty hard to watch tbh,” added the Redditor.

Lea Michele

The Glee star once denied a young Hailee Steinfeld on the Paramount lot where they were both working. “I walked up to her and asked for her autograph,” remembers Steinfeld. “But she walked by and a guy came and said, ‘Sorry, now’s not a good time!'”

Ariana Grande

The singer earned the reputation from things like allegedly demanding to be carried by her security guards, and then there was that whole donut controversy.

YouTuber James Charles and her messaged on social media, until one day she unfollowed him out of nowhere.

When asked for an explanation, she admitted that some fans pressured her to, so she did, no questions asked.

Okay, if you say so Ariana…

Mariah Carey

Redditor Tr3v3336 once worked with Mariah as a PA. “We waited outside until 1:00….3 hours standing around and waiting because she’s still sleeping. So we go inside and her assistant comes up to me and another PA and we are told ‘Don’t look at her. If she comes into the room you’re in, leave.'”

“We make sure not to look at her and wash our hands. As we turn around she is cutting up the two steaks left for us, and feeding them to her f****** dogs,” continued the Redditor. “Then she looks at us and says ‘You guys can get something on your way home. They were hungry,'” said the user.

Demi Lovato

Reddit user Teen-laqueefa revealed, “I nannied for kids who went to school with Demi Lovato. Apparently she used to be a huge bully, which is quite the opposite of what she preaches now.”

Images source: lifestyle.diply.com

5 Celebrities Who Are Complete Jerks
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