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6 Amazing Facts Everyone Always Gets Wrong about Space

14 April 2019

This incredible information will blow your mind and shatter previous ideas you had about our universe. Read on and be amazed!
1. The Dark Side of the Moon Is Not so Dark?

Earth’s satellite is constantly revolving around the Sun along with our planet, which enables us to perceive it from all sides, but never at the same time. The “dark side”, as well as the entire Moon are actually completely lit, only we are not able to see that due to the position of Earth and the rotation.
2. The Actual Color of the Sun

Believe it or not, the celestial body we have always been perceiving as yellow or even orange is in reality – white! The reason for this phenomenon is the fact that only yellow spectrum parts can manage to get through Earth’s atmospheric barrier, while the remaining light that is of a shorter wavelength that makes up other colors is dispersed.
3. The True Shape of Things

We are all more or less aware of the fact that Earth is wider in the equator region as supposed to the area of the poles that is a bit flattened. But we should also pay attention to the entire surface of the planet that is constantly changing because of the tectonic movement of the land, which ultimately shaped our planet to look more like a pear or potato than a ball.
4. Head Still on Shoulders

Contrary to popular belief, our head would not explode if one would remove his space suit in outer-space. It is our internal organs that would suffer crucial damage that would ultimately be fatal.
5. The Temperature Confusion

It may be impossible to believe it, but the distance of the Sun does not necessarily have to imply the highest temperature. In accordance to this, the planet with the highest temperature in our solar system is actually Venus (462 degrees), while the closest planet to the Sun, Mercury, has a slightly lower temperature (420 degrees).
6. Not so Fiery after All

Sunlight comes from a number of complex nuclear reactions which actually makes it a ball of light that is glowing rather than a fireball.

6 Amazing Facts Everyone Always Gets Wrong about Space
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