7 Couples A Photo, But One Of Them Trolls The Other With Captions

25 August 2018

Being in a relationship means that you need to show love to your loved one. You don’t have to do it publicly, but there are couples who enjoy being in the public eye (of their friends).

Those people usually share photos of themselves doing things, like kissing, eating, laughing, etc. However, some couples share the same photos – as if they don’t share any friends.

And this is where things get interesting. Two people sharing the same photo, but putting completely different captions. And one such image went around the globe for a specific reason.

Just like everything else, it became popular and people started doing the same thing. No one saw that one coming. Enjoy the slideshow of couple insults.

This is the original image that started it all

Now, if I put this caption under my photo, I would’ve been single in less than 10 seconds.

Nevertheless, this couple started a wave of couple captions and most of them are insulting. Not sure why.

He proud of it

He all about meat sticks.

This guy has no shame

He did put #vacationwithbae. That helps him out a bit.

All about the role play, aren’t we?

Does anyone get this? Please explain it to me.

Sean is so literal

Mary tried to be emotional, but he totally ruined it. I bet she would like to retract her caption now.

We have a Joey Tribianni fan over here

What is formuoli anyways?

Not sure where he was going with this

Not sure he was either. Was he trying to insult her or he only did it because she asked? I believe it was the ladder.

Images source: wroops.com

7 Couples A Photo, But One Of Them Trolls The Other With Captions
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