8 Female Celebs Who Did ‘NOT’ Alter Their Bodies With Plastic Surgery.

29 October 2018

It goes without saying that plastic surgery can have rather bad effects on one’s body, and in my humble opinion, this type of alteration should be the last thing someone ought to do to their body.

Nevertheless, people are more than happy to do it. Whatever it takes to have that magazine body, perfect lips, eyebrows or whatever is trending at the moment.

What you’re about to see might change your opinion on the matter. It also might change your opinion on some of the most popular celebs in the world – we’ll let you be the judge.

Megan Denise Fox

The majority of celebs outright deny they had any ‘work done’ on them. For example, young Fox claims she never had any cosmetic alteration done on her face. Truth be told, these changes didn’t come with age.

Jennifer Lynn Lopez

Before the era of the Kardashians, Jennifer Lopez was one of the few celebs known for her curves. Many have discussed the origin of her curves, but the singer/actress has denied every single one of the rumors. And I kinda believe her – the curves may be hers, but her face does look suspicious.

Blake Lively

Mrs. Lively is world famous for her acting (and her looks), but she underwent one of the most subtle nose changes in the history of Hollywood.

Kate Garry Hudson

You’d think that the daughter of Goldie Hawn and Bill Hudson would steer away from any form of body alterations. However, Hudson is now a proud owner of a new set of breast implants. She has also undergone a rhinoplasty, just to make her nose a bit thinner.

Scarlett Johansson

The most mentioned accusations Ms. Johanssson has denied inclued lip injections, nose job, and breast augmentation. But one look at her childhood photos and it’s pretty clear that some work has been done.

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta or (as the rest of the world knows her) Lady Gaga

People have made a ton of speculations regarding her gender, hence the song “Born this way”. And was she? Not exactly. The most visible change on Lady Gaga is her nose.

Kelly Osbourne

If you thought that losing over 70 lbs left no excess on someone’s body, then you’re a fool. There’s no denying that Kelly has done a lot to change her looks. But she still denies everything. Imagine Kylie denied having done anything. Ricidulous, I know.

Ashley Simpson

Most people don’t pay attention to these things, but swapping one nose look for another can’t go unseen. I guess the fact that you’re constantly in your sister’s shadow can make you do the unimaginable.

Images source: wroopsfun.com

8 Female Celebs Who Did ‘NOT’ Alter Their Bodies With Plastic Surgery.
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