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8 Folks That Will Tear You Up In No Time.

07 November 2018

Laughing is the best workout you can get without leaving your comfortable chair. If you’ve bothered to read any of the things posted on the page you’d know that laughing 100 times is as equal as riding a bike for 15 minutes.

It’s from all the contractions that happen when you get a good laugh. Now, multiply that by 100 and you got yourself a nice workout. That being said, not everything you see here will make you laugh.

However, it might make the other guy laugh – meaning, what makes you laugh probably won’t make me laugh. For example, I like British humor, which means I enjoy dark humor. There’s something for everyone out there.

That is one tall woman

She’s huge!

It looks like someone is not a big fan of avocado

On the other hand, who would be for 10 bucks.

John couldn’t have chosen a worse time to cheat on his girlfriend

It’s public now, John. You’re done.

Those are some yellow-lookin’ popcorns

Never tried banana popcorn.

Okay, this guy is pure savagery in the making

Look at him disrespecting this bus.

This man just loves to walk around with his pride and joy

He also carries it in his pocket. It’s vintage and in mint condition.

Well, why didn’t you attach it properly then?

I mean, really… What kind of a porch can be taken during the night?

Well, boys will be boys, I guess…

The guy next to him is trying to make a point, but.. man sees woman, man must stare. Man becomes Internet sensation.

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8 Folks That Will Tear You Up In No Time.
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