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9 Difficulties of Various Countries Tourists Should Know About

29 September 2018

You can never know too much or enough, knowledge is something we all need to be prepared for any situation. When it comes to traveling, it is the same.

Google Maps won’t help you build your route when traveling in South Korea. The government of this country won’t give rights to Google for using their cartographic data because of national security considerations. That’s why before starting a journey in South Korea, you should install a local navigation app. The most popular one is NAVER Map and it’s available in both Korean and English.

Chugger, the special word for these people, was formed by combining the words “charity” and “mugger.” These guys act quite persistently: they “attack” passers-by, greet them cheerfully, and then convincingly ask them to donate a couple of pounds for a good cause. Also, they often ask people to fill out a survey and donate money on a monthly basis.

Singapore is sometimes called the country of bans and it’s not for nothing. Maybe you’ve already heard that smoking in public places is punishable by a fine of $1000. The fine for eating, drinking, or breastfeeding on public transport is a little less — $500. So, if you are in a metro dying of thirst, you’ll have to wait.

If you are going to visit the Indonesian island Bali, then you should behave carefully when seeing canang sari — offerings to the Hindu deity Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa. Local residents leave them right on the pavement daily. A person who steps on them, even accidentally, or shows any kind of disrespect when seeing the offerings can be imprisoned for up to 4 years and receive a large fine.

Swiss shops close at 6:30 PM on most days and at 9 PM on Thursdays. They don’t work on Sundays at all. However, there are still small shops that work according to their own rules.

Tunisian dinar relates to the so-called “close currencies” and that’s why any attempt to take it out of the country can put you in trouble with the law. Despite the risk of being checked at the airport when leaving Tunisia, some tourists take paper notes or coins as souvenirs, mixing them in their purse with a different currency. However, if you’re caught carrying a few coins or a couple of pieces of paper money, it’s not likely that you will be charged, the officers will simply take the money and shake their finger at you.

Asian countries have toilets where toilet stalls exist that are unusual for Europeans and Americans. They can be easily found outside of popular tourist areas.

Like in some other countries, there is a risk of bumping into “fake” police in Italy. They “check” tourists under various pretexts and steal money from their pockets. Sometimes, people in civilian clothes act like policemen (those are real police officers in the photo above) and show a fake badge.

There are many schemes where taxis cheat tourists in different countries of the world, but it’s in China where you can be blamed for damaging a transport vehicle. It’s done like this: a sly taxi-driver glues the broken handle of their passenger door and when the unsuspecting passenger tries to open the door, the handle suddenly “breaks.”

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9 Difficulties of Various Countries Tourists Should Know About
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