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According To Science, This Is Where You Should Start Washing Yourself.

27 October 2018

How often do you wash? But most importantly, how do you do it? Most people appreciate cleanliness, which is why they bathe pretty often. If you ask me, hygiene is one of the top 3 things people should always stay on top of.

If you’re familiar with the amount of dirt that can get stuck all over your body (and where the sun doesn’t shine), then you probably wash your body often. But the way you do it and what you wash first tells a lot about you as a person.

Your face

Washing your face first means that you’re attracted to money. You want your face to be representable in order to make your earning better. It also means you’re pretty good in the sack.

Your hair

People who wash their hair first are almost on the opposite specter of those who wash their face first. These people use their heart instead of mind when making decisions. They are also lazy but tend to achieve their goals eventually.

Your armpits

One of the places where nasty smells come from. People who go for their armpits first are always cheerful, but they are heavily dependant on others.

Your chest

Washing your chest first implies that you are pretty straightforward about things. You are also quite logical. These people hate laziness and do NOT like being interrupted.

Your ears

Ear-washers are quite observative and appreciate knowledge over anything. They are also stubborn, arrogant and brag about their high attitude.

Your shoulders

Constant failures in life who are true loners. Almost no one likes them and they usually end up losing everyone and everything around them. However, they change their attitude if they get together with people who wash their armpits first.

Your feet

People who wash their feet first always break when they get to a tough moment in life. They are highly susceptive to submission and make really bad partners. They are scared of failing which is why they have a limited mindset.

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According To Science, This Is Where You Should Start Washing Yourself.
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