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At The Age Of 15, This Kid Weighed A Whopping 700 Lbs – Look At Him Now.

29 October 2018

Young Jacob was born 5 weeks ahead of schedule, but he shocked everyone with how quickly he grew. Jacob grew so fast that he weighed over 50 lbs by the time he turned one.

But his somewhat advanced ‘growth’ never actually stopped. That’s how Jacob came to weigh over 700 lbs at the age of 15. After years and years of bullying, he finally said: “it’s enough”.

Jacob Miller was always considered a big boy and throughout his life, many have deemed him abnormally big.

Jacob was a large baby

Even though he was delivered 5-weeks prematurely, Jacob was an unusually large baby. Actually, his doctors said that if his mother had carried him to term, he would have weighed 12 lbs.

Unfortunately, he struggled with weight his entire life.

By the time Jacob got to his teens, he was already gaining about 100 lbs on a yearly basis. The heaviest he ever weight was 707 lbs – but he was 6’5” tall, as well!

That was when he was only 15.

As you might imagine, being that heavy is not good for your health. That’s why Jacob decided to do something about his physical condition.

The doctor gave him some shocking news

Unfortunately, a large majority of people disregards their health until it’s too late. The doctor told Jacob that he had heart disease, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, cellulitis on his legs and diabetes. That’s when his parents decided to get send him on a gastric bypass surgery.

But before the surgery…

Prior to the gastric bypass surgery, Jacob was put on a strict diet during which he lost a whopping 77 lbs.

The surgery is no miraculous cure

Even though such surgery won’t cure his condition right away, it’s a step closer to leading a healthier life.

Now, you might not see much of a difference in him, but Jacob has already made a lot of changes in his life – the largest being switching from a 10x shirt-size to 5x. He even managed to pull off a 5k run – when was the last time you ran a 5k run?

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At The Age Of 15, This Kid Weighed A Whopping 700 Lbs – Look At Him Now.
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