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8 Useful Tricks That We Already Forgot

13 May 2019

Some of the tricks are so simple and useful that they can be beneficial for many generations. But over time, they are somehow forgotten and transformed into what we usually say “My grandmother told me …”. We decided to remember some old tricks we learned in our children years, and for some reason we forgot them.

Identify the time before sunset

Join your fingers and place the hand in such a way that the sun is “touching” the pointer. Now they count the number of fingers up to the horizon line. Each of the fingers correspond to about 15 minutes to the sunset.

Find out how many days a month tighten your hands in punches and match the single months to the joints.

Between the joints are the weighing months. If the month falls on a joint, then it has 31 days, otherwise it has 30 or fewer.

Find out when the moon grows or diminishes

To explain to a child when the moon is growing or when the moon diminishes, ask him to put a raised finger in the middle of the moon. If the letter C is formed, then the moon grows, and if the letter D is formed then the moon becomes smaller.

Memory trick

If you want to remember Roman numbers, you can use this very popular phrase: Мy Dear Сat Loves Хtra Vitamins Intensely. The first letters of the words represent the Roman numerals in descending order: M (1,000), D (500), C (100), L (50), X (10), V (5), I (1).

Check battery quality

The distinction between good and battery leave is very simple. Lift two upright batteries at a height of 1-2 cm above a surface and pour them. If the battery bounces and falls, it means it is empty.

Multiplication in fingers

Usually, children quickly memorize the multiplication of small numbers, but with numbers 6, 7, 8 and 9, there are difficulties. To help children, teach them a simple trick. Turn the palms toward you and number each finger, starting with the small finger, from 6 to 10. Now, for example, to multiply 7 × 8, connect the finger that corresponds to the 7th number with the finger that corresponds In the 8th number on the right hand. The number of fingers, including the joined fingers, and below represent the dozens (we have 5 fingers). And the fingers on the top have to multiply – they correspond to the units (in this case we multiply 3 by 2). Answer: 7 × 8 = 56. In this way it is possible to multiply quickly with 6, 7 and 8. To multiply by 9, straighten your fingers and put your hands down with your palms. Now, to multiply any number by 9, simply bend the finger with the corresponding number. The “Before” fingers define the dozens and the fingers “After” define the units. For example, to multiply 7 to 9, we bend the 7th finger. 6 fingers are left “before” and 3 “after”. Answer: 7 × 9 = 63.


If you need to measure something, but you do not have a ruler, then you can do it with your fingers of one hand. According to human proportions, the distance between the edge of the thumb and the index is about 18 cm, and the distance between the thumb and the small toe – about 20 cm. Of course, this method is not accurate enough, because everyone has a different hand size. But it may be useful if you want to measure a large object.

Find out how many degrees have an angle

Open your fingers to the maximum and place the hand on the surface on which you want to measure the angle. The small finger must be at the base of the angle: it is 0 °. The angle between the thumb and the small finger is 90 °, the angles between the small finger and the other fingers are respectively 30 °, 45 ° and 60 °.

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8 Useful Tricks That We Already Forgot
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