The Animal You See First On This Image Reveals Your Personality Traits

12 January 2018

We created very accurate personality tests that will going to reveal a lot about your personality traits. When you check what are we talking about, you will be amazed.

The test

All you have to do is to look at the picture closely where you are going to find different animals. Important thing is that animal you noticed first, reveals a lot about your personality. Interesting, isn’t it? Give it a try.

Things you need to keep in mind

1. Which animal or animals did you find fastest?

2. How quickly were you able to identify other animals?

3. How many and which animals did you find?


If you firstly noticed “bird”, then you have an expressive and an outgoing personality. If it wasn’t bird, read on to find the animal you noticed first.


If it was crab, you simply cut all the sadness out of your life with brilliant sense of humor. You are happy person.

The bird and the crab

Maybe, it happened that you notice these two animals together. If that’s the case, you are very sensitive and an emotional person.

The horse

You tend to be a free-spirited and an independent personality if you noticed horse first on the image.

The dolphin

If the dolphin was first that you noticed, psychological studies say that you have creative and an artistic personality.

The ducklings

Most people can’t even find ducklings on this photo. If you saw it at first, you tend to be a quieter, and focused to details person.

The bear and a puppy

A growling bear is the next animal in the picture. If you noticed it at first, then you are born leader with a very strong personality. But, if it was a puppy, then you are a kind person and you have a nurturing personality.

Thinking styles

This study focused to analyze your mental ability and the way you are thinking on the basis of how quickly you can find all the animals. The traits of the animals you saw first related to your personal characteristics, while the way you focus on the images is actually related to how you think.


1. If the horse came to your notice first, you are a deep thinker and an intuitive personality.

2. If the crab and a bird came to your notice together, your brain is a quick processor of information.

3. If you noticed dolphin at first, it indicates the creative, expressive thinking often attributed to the right brain.

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The Animal You See First On This Image Reveals Your Personality Traits
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