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Archaeologists Find Long Forgotten Lock Box And You Wouldn’t Believe What They’ve Found

21 May 2017

Even after the World War II ended (September of 1945) people still to this day find remnants of the past to remember them of those terrible times.Not long ago, a discovery was made in Nevsky Pyatachok region(Russia) that brought up memories of the war.

During the archaeological dig, they’ve found a lock box trapped in mud.It was completely covered by mud that no one could even presume what should it contain!

When they finally crack the box open, one thought flew their minds: This should’ve remained closed!

A recent archaeological expedition in Nevsky Pyatachok region in Russia brought forth a dark period of time. They’ve found mysterious lock box buried in mud.


The box was indeed deep in ground so it’s hard to believe that one person could do this alone, but there are many scenarios that could have happened. Maybe a grenade fell near that place or some kind of explosion eroded the ground.


The lock box was really strange looking and really heavy, who knows what it could contain.It looked like real treasure chest, that’s for sure!It could be underground for so long, but what does it contains, that’s the real question?

Once the archaeologists opened the box they could not believe their eyes! It was like traveling in past, someones belongings from 70 years ago, in perfect condition! The box was made so good that it preserved content so well for so long.

They discovered a German Reichsmark, which was a form of currency used between 1924 and 1948. There was also a card that identify a member of the Nazi party. It was clear that the chest contained the personal belongings of a Nazi soldier. But why bury his possessions underground?

While going trough the content of the lock box archaeologists found clothing, shoes, papers and scraps of newspaper. Like time stopped for this stuff in this “time-capsule”!

Inside was a box of cigars that were clearly untouched.The cigars looked brand new, it was real antique.Archaeologists were amazed by the content of this chest, they surely didn’t expect something like this!

The person that buried this lock box must’ve enjoyed cigars indeed, because another box of cigars was found in same condition: untouched! It was like he was preparing for some kind of celebration.

Among the belongings was also found 2 bottles of Jamaican rum, unopened. Some real celebration was planned, but it seems that the owner never make it to celebrate.

The archaeologists discovered the Nazi soldier cap that has clearly seen war. The belonging of this soldier remain, but his life ended long time ago. Possibly before he even tried to look for his “treasure chest”.

The Nazi jacket was also found, clean and untouched.It could be that he never wore this one or it was just washed and packed with rest of his belongings.

ethan_kahn / reddit

The most interesting part of this lock box was identification tag, because you can track owners and their stories with them. However, it doesn’t use owners entire name.

ethan_khan / reddit

There was some argue about whether this items are genuine or not, but if they are, they worth a lot! Still, the biggest mystery remains, why were these items buried here in the first place? We might never know…

Archaeologists Find Long Forgotten Lock Box And You Wouldn’t Believe What They’ve Found
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