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This Human Barbie Is Kept Locked Up By Her Parents, Just Like A Real Doll

03 June 2016

1. Barbie World

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Who thought Britney’s Barbie Girl and Barbie World became a real thing. More and more girls are trying to make dolls out of themselves.

2. Have We Gone Too Far?

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What makes people want to make these changes? More importantly, how do others react to people who try to make dolls out of themselves? A girl from Russia went full Barbie, so check out her story.

3. Meet Barbie

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Angelica Kenova is a 25-year-old Russian who has been on a number of headlines, not only in Russia, but all over the world.

4. Barbie Was Locked Away

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Ever since she was a little girl, her parents were always overprotective of her. To this day, she has barely any freedom. She was their princess, so they never let her out, date or have the usual growing up experience. But she doesn’t blame her parent for doing it.

5. Staying in Shape, Finding Perfection

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Angelica was forced by her parents to keep 32E breasts and maintain a 20-inch waist. She also works out 3 hours per day, five days a week!

6. She Does Special Exercises

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When Angelica was a teenager, her parents hired her a personal trainer who created a training program specifically for her. The program was designed to narrow her waist and tone her buttocks.

7. Angelica Is ALL Natural

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Angelica claims that she has never had plastic surgery. She is very happy with her appearance. She was styled by her parents to be a Barbie and she’s glad that she has done her part.

8. Her Lifelong Dream

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When she turned six, her mom bought her a Barbie collectible doll. She dressed Angelica as her little Barbie princess, taught her about Barbies slender beauty, golden curls, cute face and beautiful clothes… Her mother was her inspiration. Angelica would pose in front of her mirror for hours so she could put a performance for her parents. She even got a nickname in highschool – Russian Barbie.

This Human Barbie Is Kept Locked Up By Her Parents, Just Like A Real Doll
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