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The Best Catastrophic Fails In Human History.

15 October 2018

We all make mistakes from time to time, and in time, we pay for them one way or another. There are some mistakes that we can make up for but some scare us for the rest of our lives.

None of the people on this list recovered from their catastrophic fails. And somehow, these fails have managed to change and shape the course of the history. You’ve probably heard about some of these, but have a look at the rest.

The Plague

The infamous plague of London was worsened when people, thinking that cats are carriers, started killing cats that were thought to carry the virus, but then, the real enemies emerged – rats, who were now undisputed.

The California Fire

Over 800,000 acres worth of land in South California was destroyed by a lost lone hunter, in the woods, who shot off a signal flare to alert rescuers that he needed help and the blaze quickly grew with the Sana Ana winds.

The Netflix Curse

In 1997, Mark Randolph acquired a $40 late fee from Blockbuster on a single movie rental. Mark later decided to to go into the business for himself and co-founded Netflix, which is worth $40 billion today and has destroyed his only competition, blockbuster.

The Oldest Tree In The World

In 1964, Donald Rusk Currey, who was studying what is known as the Little Ice Age in the White Mountains of California, cut down a tree that was 5000 years old.

The London Fire

A small bakery in London caught fire on Sept. 2, 1666 which sent a spark to a fuel pile which spread the fire all across London. London burned for 3 days and many lives and homes were lost.

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The Best Catastrophic Fails In Human History.
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