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9 Totally Awesome Billy Madison Facts You Should Know ASAP

17 April 2017

1. Billy Madison’s favorite game is Donkey Kong.
Sure, you heard Adam Sandler’s character say to Scotty that his favorite video game is Donkey Kong, but did you know that two decades later, he would be starring in the film Pixels? And what makes that interesting is the fact that he had to defeat Donkey Kong in Pixels.

2. The to-kill list of Danny McGrath contains the names of crew members.
Yes, you can see Danny removing Billy Madison’s name on his list. But if you check the other names, you would realize that they are part of the film crew.

3. In the Academic Decathlon, you will find hilarious titles.
It seems like someone is so bitter about his partner that he just had to put these texts in the movie. “I married common street trash” is such a brutal statement.

4. The TV show credits in the film are names of the crew.
If Danny McGrath’s list was not enough, the television show Billy and the kids were watching showed the names of the film crew in the credits too.

5. Billy Madison is the first prominent role given to Adam Sandler.
We know who Adam Sandler is nowadays, but he was not a household name back then. Thanks to this film, he finally got his big break!

6. Adam Sandler likes to call people Sideburns.
In Billy Madison, Adam Sandler’s character would call someone Sideburns. In ‘Wedding Singer,’ his character would also refer to another individual as Sideburns.

7. The film featured songs from both The Ramones and from Electric Light Orchestra.
A comedy film might make you think of silly songs, but the film managed to have “Beat on the Brat” and “Telephone Line” from The Ramones and Electric Light Orchestra, respectively.

8. The film made less than $30 million worldwide.
In fact, it only earned $26.4 million, despite the fact that it hit the top spot when it debuted in the United States.

9. Tim Herlihy was the inspiration for a character on Saturday Night Live.
That’s right! Adam Sandler’s co-writer was the influence for the creation of ‘The Herlihy Boy’ in Saturday Night Live.

9 Totally Awesome Billy Madison Facts You Should Know ASAP
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