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The Blue Part of an Eraser Was Never Supposed to Erase Pen Ink. THIS Is What It’s For

28 April 2019

Do you remember those awful erasers from school? I always preferred the white ones to these because I thought they weren’t very effective. There was that blue part which seemed totally useless, and I always thought it was used to erase pen mistakes.

But the legend says that somewhere, in a land far far away, someone succeeded in erasing ballpoint pen ink with the blue part of an eraser. However, it looks like this was only a myth, as an artist on Quora has revealed the real purpose of the blue part of an eraser.
1. Remember These Erasers?

You must have owned one of these back when you were in elementary school or high school: the blue part of the eraser was intended for erasing ballpoint pen ink.

But it never worked, right? It totally wrecked the paper.
2. But Whenever You Actually Tried to Use It, It Would Only Make a Mess and Rip Your Piece of Paper Apart

Yeah, remember that? Whenever you actually tried to use it, it would only make a mess and rip your piece of paper apart.

It totally got on my nerves and I stopped buying these erasers and went for some other kinds.
3. But Finally, There’s an Answer to Their Purpose

Even though you can find this pen symbol on many erasers with a blue part, that’s not their main use at all.

An artist on Quora explained that the two sides are intended for papers of different weights and grains.
4. Which Means It Has a Useful Purpose

The blue, rougher end was intended to be used on heavier paper since the soft side would wear out very quickly!

There are other types of erasers designed for different uses, like the “Artgum” eraser used for art paper.

Vinyl erasers are very soft and they do not crumble, which makes them extremely suitable for erasing large surfaces.

So if the blue part does not erase pen, what can you actually use to get rid of unwanted pen marks?
6. There Are a Couple of Hacks

If, however, you really need to erase that ballpoint pen ink, you need to go to the bathroom.

Find your toothpaste and put a small dab on a new toothbrush. Then, you can scrub the error out and the paper won’t be harmed.
7. Shaving Cream Hack

So now, instead of thinking that the blue part of the eraser will solve your problem, you can choose another method.

You can get shaving cream and use a tiny bit of it. apply it on a new toothbrush and then try to erase the mistakes.

The Blue Part of an Eraser Was Never Supposed to Erase Pen Ink. THIS Is What It’s For
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