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This Is Bruce Lee’s Only Real Fight Footage

16 June 2017

Bruce Lee is not only an icon in the film industry, but also martial arts world. If you ask anyone who’s been exposed to even the minimal amount of fighting on film, they’ll know about the jeet kune do master because Lee just has that much popularity over a broad spectrum.

“The Dragon” is widely considered to be one of the founding fathers of mixed martial arts, which you can see in every fight in the UFC.

His techniques were so badass that today, more than 40 years after his death, his legend continues to grow and everyone who is anyone gives all the props in the world to him.

One of the issues we’ve faced with Lee is that there has been no footage of him actually applying his techniques in a real fight.

We can speculate all we want, but we’ve had very little to go off of when it comes to seeing how he beat people up. Until today.

A YouTube account by the name of Beerdy – Bruce Lee Central uploaded footage they claim to be the only of Lee fighting known to exist.

It’s difficult to identify Lee because of the heavy amounts of headgear, but a close look at the style and technique used gives good credibility to it being the legend himself.

The description of the video says that Lee is fighting one of his students, Ted Wong.

It continues by stating Lee and Wong are wearing the protective gear because of state rules, but had it not been for that, Lee would have fought bare-knuckled.

In the video, the two men are seen clad in dark black padding and gear – something that Beerdy claims were ‘state rules’ at the time.

It’s not clear where the footage was filmed, but it was likely in California, where Lee had his school for jeet kune do, and where Wong studied. Wong repeatedly tries to get close to Lee, who keeps his distance at all times, moving like lightning to deflect and disarm Wong whenever he gets close. More than once, Wong takes a sharp uppercut to the face – but to his credit he keeps going.

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This Is Bruce Lee’s Only Real Fight Footage
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