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If You Can Make It To The End, You’re Not Scared Of Deep Waters.

04 December 2018

I was never a fan of the open ocean, but that never actually prevented me from exploring various water surfaces. Swimming with tiny pigs, check. Swimming with stingrays on Bora Bora, check.

But that’s was just me trying to avoid the open water. Sure, pigs and stingrays sound cool, but a casual swim in the open ocean literally terrifies me. I guess I am afraid of water in a sense.

This is a little test for anyone who isn’t sure whether they’re afraid of water or not. If you get a sense of unease while you’re watching these pics, then you probably are afraid.

The oversized jellyfish

Now, you’ve probably seen this jellyfish and a tiny human next to it. It’s the Lion’s mane jellyfish and it really isn’t that big. But it is the largest known species of jellyfish.

The Sunken yacht

This particular 4-crew yacht met its demise in 2012. Its name was ‘Mar Sem Fim’ and it was owned by a Brazilian journalist. The name of the yacht translates as ‘endless sea’ – go figure.

The petrifying whale shark

These gigantic creatures are one of the largest fish species and they move slowly. Like, horror movie slow.

Discovery Jaws

One of the biggest things people fear the open ocean is sharks. The Jaws movies took the whole world by surprise, and people have been over-scared of sharks ever since. Shark week doesn’t help, either.

Look at a whale shark from the front

What an inviting sight. It almost made me exist the article right away.

The Leopard Seal is not the most adorable thing you want to see in the dark murky water

It’s actually petrifying.

This isn’t what you think it is

This is just seaweed, but you wouldn’t want to get caught up in this.

Hammerhead sharks?

If regular sharks weren’t scary enough, they had to evolve into sharks with hammers on their head.

Now, this wasn’t a hose, but it wasn’t a gigantic eel, either

I’m actually terrified of thinking what this might be. It was during a flood, so it could be a ton of things.

The underwater rivers?

Yes, they exist. Now imagine what lies beneath – all I can think of falling through the ‘river’ and not reaching the bottom.

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If You Can Make It To The End, You’re Not Scared Of Deep Waters.
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