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This Is What Celebs Would Look Like With Symmetrical Faces

27 March 2019

So, I’m like the all-time symmetry type of guy. And I mean that in the most literal way – if it’s not symmetric, then I go all berserk. My whole face is slightly tilted to the bottom left side, so you can imagine how often do I look in the mirror.

However, the entire world is asymmetric. So I usually spend my days not looking directly at people, or at least, looking at one of their sides. And that’s why all of us have our ‘good side’. So do celebs, and they look weird with symmetrical faces.

What you’re about to see should only be shown to the bravest hearts. Or if you want to ruin the perfect celeb your bestie has. Either way, try to enjoy. I know I haven’t.

We’ll start off light, with almost symmetrical asymmetrical Tom Hanks

He looks good, I must admit.

Now, this is quite uneasy to watch.

I knew people can be asymmetrical, but Adele gives that a whole new meaning.

Well, there’s a lot of people looking crosseyed

Although, I don’t think RDJ would be as successful as he is today.

Dwayne looks like he’s about to burst with happiness

And he looks buffer than he actually is. If that’s even possible.

To be honest, Mrs. Markle does not look bad at all

Well, according to my symmetry needs she doesn’t.

If he ever decides to get rid of the signature Stallone lip, Johnny would look symmetrica(rea)lly good

I mean, better than he already does. (huge fan over here)

Ooooooh, Taylor, you do noooot look good.

Good Gosh, she looks like her face got stuck in the middle of a stretch.

In case you want to ruin Emilia for someone…

My friend did the celeb crush for me, it only seems fair you do it for someone else.

Mrs. Victoria looks like she came out of Desperate Housewives

And I don’t mean that in a good way.

This guy… there’s just something about him that makes me believe in absolute symmetry

The older he gets, the better looking he is.


This Is What Celebs Would Look Like With Symmetrical Faces
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