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Collection Of 15 Images That Will Impress You

25 June 2017

If you think about just how many unusual and amazing things there are out there in the world, it’s impossible not to feel a sense of profound wonder. Even if you have already seen a lot in your life, this photo collection will impress you.

This is aerogel: a synthetic material which is 99.9% air.

This cheetah trying to catch a drone flying past it.

Theme station in the Stockholm subway.

Building modeled on a human fingerprint in Thailand.

Private houses on the roof of an shopping centre in Zhuzhou, China.

To create this portrait are used unbroken black thread and nails on a white background.

This is a plan for the underwater tennis stadium in Dubai .

An infant black rhino and his guard. Armed soldiers now look after every black rhino in order to protect them from poachers. The animals have come to see the soldiers as members of their families.

Belgrade Zoo director tries to convince Sammy the chimpanzee to return home after he escaped in 1988.

Predjama Castle in Slovenia, built within a cave mouth.

Many trains that carrying coal in Virginia, USA.

Heaven’s Gate, China.

Water park in Germany.

A door which can hold 30-megaton nuclear explosion.

A radio-controlled truck.

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Collection Of 15 Images That Will Impress You
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