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Meet Russia’s Most Controversial Couple: They’re Neither Lesbians Nor Sisters

14 April 2019

23-year-old Alina Davis was born a man named Dmitry Kozhukhov. In Russia, everyone was stunned when she married Alison Brooks.

Someone would think they are twin sisters, but Alina is an androgynous male. The unusual husband and wife confused the Russian wedding registry and caused outrage in the Russian media. Getting married was a huge problem for them, but they managed to do it. However, some problems arose after their wedding.

You’ll be shocked to find out what happened to Alina just months later!

The Married Couple Often Posts Images on Social Media

These girls don’t hide their relationship from the public because they are proud of who they are.

Because Alina is androgynous, the two of them are not lesbians, but people often think that that they are. They also think that they are sisters because they look alike.

It’s Even Harder to Notice That Alina Used to Be a Male

In Russia, lesbian and gay marriages are highly illegal, but Alina and Alison didn’t do anything illegal by getting married. Alina, who used to be a male, is still straight and is attracted to women.

They tied the knot in Moscow however, the staff at the marriage office was disgusted and didn’t approve of it.

Madly in Love

Because they weren’t breaking any laws, the marriage office gave up trying to forbid the two of them from wearing wedding dresses.

Both of them got married in wedding dresses, which is what caused the most outrage in Russia.

The Couple Is Fighting for LGBTQ Rights

They want their wedding to be an example for people who are trying to have a similar marriage.

And they looked as happy as ever in their wedding photos. They are telling everyone that marriage offices can’t refuse to marry someone in a similar situation because it’s not illegal.

They Are Proud of Their Wedding Rings

They fought hard and had one of the happiest days in their lives.

However, their story did not have a happy ending.

A Couple of Months Ago, Something Bad Happened

Alina was arrested. Alina was apprehended when officers pulled her over and found out that she was driving with a fake license.

Alina Was Charged with Illegal Activities

Alina was also charged with the possession of illegal substances last year, but the police didn’t know which prison to put her in because of her gender.

The Story Took a Surprising Turn

After the stolen license trial, and since Alina was still physically and legally a man, the authorities had to place her into a male prison.

Alina has been sentenced to 2 months in an all-male prison in 2016. She lived in a cell with 4 other men in Moscow, and the court refused to give her a single cell.

Alina didn’t comment about her treatment after her prison time was over and what the couple is doing now is unknown.


Meet Russia’s Most Controversial Couple: They’re Neither Lesbians Nor Sisters
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