Crazy Russian Injects Lethal Oily Chemicals To Get World’s Biggest Biceps.

11 October 2018

Women are not the only ones who succumb to the pressure of society. Just like women, men are often ridiculed for not keeping up with the trends. These trends imply that men should look either buffed or cut, depending on their preference.

Sure, we hear from time to time that daddy bods are ideal when it comes to women, but society is not comprised out of women alone – especially if you’re living in Russia. That’s why this guy decided to get buffed with some chemicals.

Popeye arms

People usually opt for the gym when they’re trying to get their biceps game on, but not this Kirill from Russia. He’s been sharing photos of his Popeye arms on social media and it took the world by surprise.

He could have gone with shakes and other more ‘friendly’ chemicals, but Kirils went with synthol, what’s known as enhancement oil.

Kiril does work out

Now, Kiril isn’t just lying around and slacking. He is a regular visitor of the local gym, but his goal is to break bodybuilding records with his unique and enhanced physique.

Kiril was already in the army, which meant he’s decently buffed, but he just couldn’t get his biceps to grow. Once he left the army, he started using synthol and his biceps grew a whopping 10 inches in about 10 days.

He started with 8.45oz (250ml)

This amount would make his biceps grow about an inch, which is why he decided to inject way more than he should. This led to high fevers, near-death experiences and countless days spent in bed. However, Kiril says that once that was over, everything turned out just fine.

While he was injecting synthol, his body weight increased by 10lbs. Nevertheless, his muscles didn’t evolve with as they grew in size. The ‘enhanced oil’ gave him no extra strength.

This oil changes the shape of muscles and is used to ‘enhance’ body parts in bodybuilding competitions.

Unfortunately, this is not illegal in the majority of the world, but the doctors warn people not to use it. It can lead to infections, muscle damage, nerve damage, pulmonary embolism, even stroke.

And the list doesn’t end there. Don’t be like Kiril and do this to your body. If you plan on getting buffed (or cut), the best way to do it is naturally.

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Crazy Russian Injects Lethal Oily Chemicals To Get World’s Biggest Biceps.
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