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DIY Project Of The Summer: The Egg Wax Trick For Stylish Candles

04 July 2017

When you want to get out of the house to make the most of your days off, you can be sure that rain won’t be far away. So here’s a brilliant idea to keep you and your kids entertained when the weather ruins your beach plans. All you need to do is go to the kitchen and cook some eggs… into candles! You heard right – making egg candles is a great activity for when you find yourself with a few hours to spare and want to add a stylish touch to your living room.

You’ll need: raw eggs, plain long candles, wax crayons in a variety of colors, modeling clay

Here’s how: Make two holes at each end of the egg, the first one slightly larger than the second one. Be careful not to break the rest of the shell! It’s best to use a nail or the point of a knife.

Next, empty the egg through the largest hole. Keep the empty egg for later.

Melt the candles in a pan.

Remove the wicks, dry them with a cloth, and extend them as they begin to solidify.

Insert each wick into an empty egg.

Close the largest hole using the modeling clay.

Now peel a wax crayon in a color of your choosing into the pan containing the wax; this will determine the color of the egg. Mix until you have a uniform, smooth liquid.

Pour the liquid into the egg. Let it cool.

Now you can peel your egg like a hard-boiled one. Incredible! There you have it – your wax egg is done!

You can now decorate the egg how you want.

Look how cute these candles are! All you need to do is use your imagination.

Watch the video to see how it’s done:

This is truly an excellent idea for rainy afternoons spent at home. These egg candles are also great as gifts or for simply brightening up your home. Give it a try the next time the weather forecast conspires against you!

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DIY Project Of The Summer: The Egg Wax Trick For Stylish Candles
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