Emma Watson AKA Hermione Granger Got A Tattoo And Fans Weren’t Happy About It

10 August 2018

When it comes to Hollywood celebrities, Emma Watson is one of the few who puts the needs of others in front of her own. From the role of Hermione in the ‘Harry Potter’ movies to the gorgeous and stunning Belle in the ‘Beauty and the Beast’, young Watson has shown the world that she is a full package.

However, when she appeared at the Vanity Fair Oscars bash, everyone was left in shock and awe – Emma Watson debuted an incredible sleeveless dress along with some ink on her right arm. It goes without saying that her fans immediately started a discussion on all social media platforms.

Emma Watson was a sight for sore eyes at the bash

Anyone remotely familiar with her acting career knows that, at the moment, Emma Watson is at her peak.

But there was one thing everyone thought felt wrong

Her new tattoo said ‘Times Up’, and everyone spotted the grammatical error. A storm of critics made sure they were pointing it out to the world.

Some people supported her tattoo, but the majority of them refused to discuss anything beyond the notion of the fact that an apostrophe was missing.

People tried to focus on the positivity of Watson’s message, but that apostrophe kept bugging everyone.

Most of them kept repeating that she disappointed them. They expected more of her.

Some even mocked her openly.

But there were some who were just losing their minds.

Nevertheless, the tattoo did seem in need of an easy fix

And boy, was the grammar legion at it.

There were those who decided to stand by her no matter what.

Beside the gaffe with the missing apostrophe, Emma did not fail to impress her fans.

She decided to focus on what matter, not the raging fans

She focused her efforts on the Weinstein case and was actually one of the first stars to speak against him publicly.

As it turned out, her tattoo was a message. The tattoo was showing her commitment to the ‘Time’s Up’ movement, and it was completely fake. Along with the apostrophe. And yes, her fans did feel stupid afterwards.

Images source: wroops.com

Emma Watson AKA Hermione Granger Got A Tattoo And Fans Weren’t Happy About It
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